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Having successfully achieved his earlier target to raise money for the local firefighters, Graham looked around for something else to keep him out of mischief and decided on a seventy kilometre walk to raise enough to buy a defibrillator for the clubhouse.  He enlisted the support of Bob Bennie and together they embarked on a programme of planning, training and fundraising.

The route chosen was from Olhâo to Monte Gordo and back to the clubhouse at Pedras.  Bob Ferguson volunteered to provide a back-up vehicle and to rendezvous with them at various points with food, drink, spare clothes and various other items.  They set off at 05:45 and, arriving at Fuzeta,  were surprised when former club member Ian West jumped out from his hiding place to join them.   Ian's presence in Portugal having been kept as secret as possible. 

The weather turned out to be kinder than had been forecast and, over the course of twelve hours they achieved what they had set out to do arriving at the clubhouse looking amazingly fresh just before 18:00 to be greeted by a packed terrace.

Graham has since reported that, with support from bowlers and croquet and tennis players, he expects to hit his target and be able to buy not only the defibrillator but also an alarmed mounting boa, replacement pads and also a new battery which will be needed in about four years' time.



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