Wednesday 14th September at 10:00

Each pair to play 4 games of 35 minutes duration

£10 per pair entry fee - prizes for winners and runners-up

Sign-up on the sheet on the notice board or e-mail John London 62londonjrl@gmail.com


Ian's new challenge is to walk to all the Premiership football grounds in England with the aim of raising money to help the visually impaired  .If you would like to support his effort then visit:  


UPDATE FROM IAN - added 30th August:

"Hi everyone I do hope ur all well and enjoying your bowling . Have a brills bank holiday and I hope to see u in the future. I have been having some wonderful walks and I have been to two more stadiums in this round and Bournemouth will be next on the 31st.  Had a brilliant day at Brighton & Hove Albion fc -  They took me onto the pitch side at half time and interviewed me.  It was very special and lots of cheering from the crowd!!  Thanks to u all for your support and donations   As I have said this is easy the hard part is donations so Thank you from my heart.  When I walked from Brighton to Bognor the amount of people just walking along the seafront saying well done Mr West for what you are doing and coming to shake my hand was unbelievably brills.  Fabalas and l've enjoyed every second of it.  I tried to see Norman Burchful who plays for the touring team for Bognor but just missed him. I stayed with June and Charlie and I cooked their anniversary dinner, 4 years to the day I did the last one.  I am off to Southampton / Bournemouth for 30th Aug and 31st. I also have a bonus of staying with Derek & Ella (live in Cabanas) and I will see Trevor & Christine Coleman who also come to Pedras for a couple of weeks a year to play, and also play against the touring sides . So things have been superbly brilliant!!  I'll be doing a live feed from Southampton. Until then Thanks again for your support and wishing you all happy bowling.  PS - Bournemouth will be my 10th, HALF WAY NOW!!! 








Details can now be found on the Interclub sub-page of the Bowls Algarve tab and entry forms are on the notice board.

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