Just added, a new page for your pictures.  The first one added is a photograph that Peter Harris sent me from England.  Peter and Elizabeth met up with Ian West for a game of bowls.

If you have anything interesting that you think would be of interest, please send it to Chris Wallen.





Geoff Worrall's auction on 6th August raised a whopping 1155€.  A big thank you to Geoff who achieved more than double his target and also to Christine for all her help.  Of course, none of it could have happened without the generosity of those who donated the items for sale and those bowlers from both Pedras and Canela who bid for them.  Several members also made cash donations so the clubs funds are now in a much healthier position.  

A few items did not sell on the day and are available for sale - see the Club Auctions and Sales page.



10th September 2021 Update


The parliamentary decree that requires the wearing of masks in public expires on 12th September and there does not seem to be any intention to extend it.  So, from that date, it will be at individual bowler's discretion as to whether, or not, they wish to wear masks while playing.

The requirement to continue wearing masks in enclosed spaces open to the public continues.  So, you should still wear one inside the clubhouse as well as in shops, offices, etc and when moving around inside restaurants and the like.