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                            ST GEORGE'S DAY COMPETITION

                                   LIONS versus BARBARIANS




In spite of grey skies and a poor weather forecast, the first competition of 2021 was played on 23rd April.  The Lions were captained by Dave Austin and the Barbarians by by Bob Ferguson.  A mix of pairs and triples was played with the result decided on aggregate shots; victory going to the Barbarians 110-67.

Cross of St George.jpeg
St George Competition 01 - Winning Lions.jpg
St George Competition 02 - Winning Barbarians.jpg

The best performing team for the Lions was the triple of Dave Austin, Lynette Priddey and Maggie Williams.

While, for the Barbarians, it was the pair of Mary Mullane and Nick Gooch who thrashed their opponents so comprehensively that your editor has been heavily bribed not to either name them or publish the score

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