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The Summer League will return on 4th May.  This year, nine sides, each of two teams of triples  have been entered by the five clubs.   Pedras have again entered Panthers and Pumas.  The main change to the rules is that this now becomes an 'open' competition so sides are not required to select any particular number of ladies or gentlemen.


Fixtures will be played on Thursdays and will continue until 29th June with each week's games being played on a single green, sometimes with with morning and afternoon sessions.  As an odd number of sides are taking part, one will be rested each week.  Pedras has entered two sides, Panthers (captained by John London) and Pumas (captained by Joe Scott).  Results and the latest table are posted here as available.

NB - Due to the Pedras green closure the venues for the rounds on 1st and 8th June have been switched.  Please see the revised fixture list below.

On week 2, Pumas were only able to field one triple and one pair.  Following usual rules, the Pumas pair, playing against a Balaia triple had to discount 25% of the shots it scored resulting in the strange scoreline.

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