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A new knockout pairs competition saw its final played in front of lots of spectators on the afternoon of Friday 4th March at Pedras.  With a couple of ends to play, it looked as if it was all over with Geoff and Christine Worrall holding a big lead.  Nothing daunted, Russ and Dawn Malin fought back and, with a six on the last end, tied the score at twenty-one shots all.  So, an extra end was needed.  Even then, the winners were not obvious and it needed the umpire Joe Scott to decide a close measure for shot.

20220304-01 Captain's Cup final.jpg

Russ holds the pose while he waits to see what effect his wood will have.  

Measuring the shot to decide the extra end and the match.

20220304-02 Captain's Cup final.jpg
20220304-03 Captain's Cup final.jpg

The finalists.  As compensation, Russ and Dawn got the better bottle of wine!

20220304-04 Captain's Cup final.jpg


The Club Captain, John London presents the winners with their trophy

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