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The inaugural round of this new competition between Eastern Algarve Clubs - Pedras, Tavira County (TC) and Valverde - took place on 20th August at the Valverde green near Almancil.


Each club was represented by 8 players (24 players in total) organised in 4 pairs (12 pairs in total) playing on 6 rinks. 


Pedras played TC on 2 rinks and Valverde on 2 rinks, and Valverde played Tavira County on 2 rinks.


The scores were:


Pedras v Tavira C 

       14 - 18                                       

       23 -   6                      


Pedras v Valverde

        8  - 21 

       16 - 16               

Tavira C v Valverde

       10 - 25

       24 - 12


Points: Valverde 5, Tavira C 4, Pedras 3


Shots: Valverde 74, Pedras  61, Tavira C 58


Most of the players, and a few friends and family enjoyed an excellent lunch in the courtyard of a local restaurant.


The second round took place a week later with thermometer reading almost 40 degrees C at the Tavira County green near Sta. Catarina.


The Pedras scores were:


Pedras v Tavira C      Pedras v Valverde

       17 - 17                       14 - 20

       10 - 12                       13 - 17


Points (2 rounds): Valverde 12, Tavira C 8, Pedras 4

Valverde + 7 total 12

Shots (2 rounds): Valverde 148, Tavira C 59, Pedras 54

Once again, players, friends and family enjoyed a jolly lunch in the courtyard of a local restaurant, where the Pedras captain accepted a pumpkin for his team’s performance which left them needing to win all 4 games at next week’s game at Pedras to be in with a chance of winning the competition.


Another week on, the final round was held at Pedras Lawn Bowls Club.  For Pedras members, the good news is that our total score of 200 shots was the highest, the bad news is that we had the fewest points.

The scores were:

Pedras v Tavira C

       31 -   6

       27 - 11

Pedras v Valverde

       12 - 13

       15 - 16

Tavira C v Valverde

       15 - 17

       17 -   9

Final points Valverde: 18, Tavira C 10, Pedras 8

Final shots: Pedras 200, Valverde 199, Tavira C 166

As has been the custom, around 30 players, family and friends enjoyed an al-fresco meal which, this time was at the Jolly Sailor.  There were more jokes than speeches and a round of applause for the staff for the seemingly endless supply of excellent food and drink.


Thanks to Keith Boak for the reports and photographs.

20200903-01 The Captains make the draw.j
20200903-02 At the Jolly Sailor.jpg

The captains make the draw; Alan Hyatt, John London and Dave Thomas

Geoff Worrall addresses the assembled bowlers at the Jolly Sailor

Joe Scott welcomes the bowlers to Tavira County for the second round


John London tells his fellow bowlers that last time somenone gave him a pumpkin, his fairy godmother turned it into a Ford Mustang.

Some of the Pedras team before the first match at Valverde

20200820-01 Some of the Pedras bowlers a
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