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The Bowls Algarve Winter League 2023-24 runs from October until March.  Ten sides, from the five clubs will compete on a  home and away basis and the season is split into two halves.  Each side will consist of three teams of triples.  The matches are split into two sets of nine ends, each played against the same opponents.  Two points are awarded for a set win, one point for a draw, and there are two bonus points for the side with the better shot difference over the six sets.

Pedras has entered two sides; Panthers captained by Eddie Vine and Pumas under Steve Turner.  The rules and the fixtures are below.  Results and the most recent table will be added as they are available.

The green at Balaia will be close for an unspecified period from mid-November during which time Whalers will play their home fixtures at Valverde.

Note: Veterans fielded an ineligible player against Foresters on 2nd December.  In accordance to the rules, all points for the fixture, plus ten shots were awarded to Foresters and Veterans had five points and ten shots deducted.


On 4th February, the Bowls Algarve Management Committee reconsidered its earlier decision in the light of advice that the transfer of ten shots and deduction of five points might not have been lawful.  However, the award of all points for the fixture to Foresters was confirmed.

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